A Celebration of Life

Two years ago today we celebrated Wyatt’s life. A day that was largely a blur. Foggy, at best.

I still find myself buffering memories. I allow myself to only remember so much and then I have to shut it off. I can only let so much in at a time before it becomes overwhelming.

I remember preparing for that day. I found a dress with Dodger blue. And I got Dodger blue sunglasses and flip flops to match. It felt weird to buy a dress for what was surely the saddest event of my life. I remember thinking, “I don’t want to buy a dress for this.”

But I did. And we celebrated Wyatt’s life. Because he deserved that. He deserved a celebration to remember and honor him.

As I’ve allowed some memories to flow today, there are some that stand out.

Standing in my kitchen holding my sister in law, Casey’s hands as she prayed for strength for me. Looking at her as we talked about how I was going to get through this. And I distinctly remember saying, “I can do this. I’ve already lived through the worst day of my life.”

The family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers who came from all aspects of our lives.

The endless stream of hugs from those who came.

Turning around to look across Eastside and see the sea of people who were there and catching my breath.

Seeing Shane surrounded by his friends.

Sitting between Brooks and my mom while cherished people in our lives spoke about Wyatt and our family.

The sweet friends and members of our community who put the entire event together.

This morning, already reflecting on the memories of Wyatt’s Celebration of Life, I heard this song.

Before Wyatt died, I equated it with our life. We were living a good life and I knew it. I even used it in a video I made as a collection of moments from 2013. Life was so good then.

When I hear that song now, I have mixed emotions. It hurts to think of what is gone. What will never be. But I also often see it as a celebration of what we’ve had and still have. And sometimes I think it’s a reminder of the good life that Wyatt had, short as it may have been.

As I look back on this day two years ago, it’s still foggy. There is a lot I don’t remember. But what I do remember is this. An immense feeling of love. Love for Wyatt. And love for our family. The goodness in others. The ability of people to come together for those who are in need. The kindness and compassion of our community. And a day spent remembering and celebrating a good life. A life cut short. But still a good life, that has changed my life forever.

I love you, pun’kin. I’ll miss you forever.


Honoring Wyatt at the 2 Year Mark

This week has been a lot of revisiting and remembering. The 2 year mark will arrive tomorrow and with it, a lot of painful memories, a lot of tears. But I’ve also been revisiting the kindness that we have seen and received.

I was just looking back on one year ago. When we were coming up on this anniversary for the very first time. Wow, was that hard. But the kindness that was shown to us and shared throughout our community and beyond was amazing. Between personal messages we received, social media posts that were shared, and those we encountered throughout the week, I am still in awe. So many expressed kindness in their own ways and shared Wyatt’s memory. These are the greatest gifts that we can receive.

So, what are we doing this year? How are we honoring Wyatt? Through kindness again. We have a few things planned ourselves. And like last year, we ask that anyone who would like to honor Wyatt do so in kindness. Do something nice for someone else. Something unexpected. Something out of the blue. Or maybe it is something planned. Something as simple as a smile. A hug. Treat someone to a coffee. Hold the door for someone. Let someone know you care. Do a favor for a neighbor. Play a little longer with your kids.

Do it in honor of Wyatt. Do it in his memory. Do it to keep his spirit alive.

If you’d like to share, post it somewhere on social media and use the hashtag #WyattsWay. Or keep it private. Some of the best acts of kindness are anonymous.

And really, there are no rules.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Wyatt would be smiling at the efforts of kindness in his name. And the love that still flows for him.

I can’t say that year 2 is any easier. In some ways it has been even harder. We still miss Wyatt with every ounce of our beings. There is still a hole in our lives where he should be. Grief can still sneak up and grab me at the drop of a hat.

The kindness and love of our family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers has carried us through and will continue to do so. We are ever grateful for that. Thank you for remembering our boy with us. It truly is the greatest gift.

In Honor of Wyatt

Many have asked if or how we are honoring Wyatt this week. Wednesday, May 24th will be a year since he left us.  

We’ve given this a lot of thought. I’ve pondered many ideas from elaborate to simple. I’ve asked myself, “What would Wyatt want? What would mean the most to him?”

In our hearts, the best thing that we can all do to honor Wyatt is to be KIND. Kindness was Wyatt’s Way. It is how Wyatt was and how he would want us to continue in this life.  

So, very simply, we ask you to be KIND. In whatever way you see fit. Help a neighbor. Do something to brighten someone’s day. Say hello to a stranger. Bring flowers from your garden to brighten the office. Buy the guy behind you in line a coffee. Play with your kids. Take a friend out for ice cream. Pay someone a compliment.

This is what Wyatt would want. And he would be happy to know that the people who love him, are loving each other. 

Let your kindness be random. Let it be planned or spontaneous. Let it be private or let it be public. Whatever feels right. If you’d like to share it, we welcome you to. You can share it on Wyatt’s Facebook page. You can post it anywhere on social media with the hashtag #WyattsWay.

Thank you for loving our boy and for loving us. We have been blessed with kindness beyond what we could have ever imagined from all of you, from friends and strangers. From unimaginable pain has come unimaginable beauty in the kindness that we have been shown. Kindness that is a reflection of our sweet Wyatt and the kindness he showed others. A kindness that we can only hope will carry his memory forward to continue to touch the lives of others.