Happy Anniversary

Today was our 14th wedding anniversary. What a ride it has been. Last year I wrote this post on Facebook and it still holds true today.

Brooks is amazing. The strength that he has had and the love for us, for me and Shane and Wyatt is overwhelming. I am so blessed. 

We decided we would go out to dinner to celebrate tonight. We decided on a yummy local spot. We arrived and were seated at our table. Just after ordering drinks, I heard a familiar song come on. I was a little taken aback. It was Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw. This song quickly became the song that was identified with Wyatt after he died. It became synonymous with how Wyatt lived and the legacy he left behind. 

Needless to say, we were both quickly in tears.

Coincidence? I’m not so sure. Our sweet Wyatt saying Happy Anniversary and sending his love our way? You can call me crazy or tell me I’m just reading into things, but I’ll never turn down a little love sent from my boy.  

Happy Anniversary to us ❤️


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